From the Chairman


I’m extremely pleased to have two-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning on our cover this month. As many of you reading this already know, the male winner of the CrossFit Games is widely considered the fittest man on the planet, and for the past two years Rich has held this distinction–he’s a truly remarkable individual.

It’s been inspiring to witness the unprecedented growth of the sport of CrossFit over the last decade. Its evolution from a fringe activity to the worldwide phenomenon is a testament to the spirit of the athletes whose unending quest for personal strength–both inner and outer–is a force unto itself. I applaud companies like Reebok and GNC, who have supported the CrossFit Games and who do so much to spread the word of fitness to an ever-expanding audience. BSN is also to be congratulated for having the foresight to sign Rich on as a sponsored athlete.

I’m proud to be able to pledge Muscle & Fitness’ support to expanding awareness of CrossFit. We recognize the important role CrossFit plays, not just in creating an exciting world-class competition, but in providing a compelling training protocol that can be scaled to a wide range of goals for the young and old, sedentary and fit alike. While some would pigeonhole CrossFit as a niche activity, I prefer to embrace it as part of a larger calling to fitness that has many facets, each equally unique and valuable.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome Rich Froning to our Board of Advisors. As a member of this team, Rich will bring his insight and experience to M&F, helping further solidify the deepest brain trust in fitness publishing. Welcome aboard, Rich!

David J. Pecker
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive
Officer of American Media, Inc.
Becker, David J.

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