Why Do You Like Riding With A Bike?


Currently, this kind of bicycle tourism is increasingly popular with visitors, because there is this opportunity to explore, learn, and cultural life of all parts of the country, has gained strength, toughness for strength. Young people are energetic and want to express individuality. Another way to express the dynamism and overcoming challenges is to use bicycles without brakes, also known as Fixed Gear bike. Instead of visit bike shops, you can choose best road bikes under 1000 dollars by useful information in this article. There are many kinds of bike to ride, so I hope the kind fixed gear bike you will be liked it.

Currently, this kind of bicycle tourism is increasingly popular with visitors, because there is this opportunity to explore, learn, and cultural life of all parts of the country, has gained strength, toughness for strength strong. Maybe so, bike tour attracts many visitors from different places. Newly formed several years ago, but this tour has attracted many tourists, especially foreign tourists and adventurous travelers, interested in exploring.

relaxing cycling tour

There are two types of tours to choose from: relaxing cycling tour, sightseeing, travelers on average one-day cycling about 20km; adventure tour, exploring, for young travelers, the journey every step to go to the 100 km /day. Travel Countryside Service Co. often choose to design a bicycle tour. The tour lasts half a month, through the rural provinces, watching all the beautiful scenery typical river region, to visit the temples, schools, student contact. People ate at home, gardening and farming between the rainy day; everyone enjoys the freshly picked fruit from the tree, nibbled candy made from local farm products. At night, tourists sit sipping fresh fish baked a delicious and wine and watched while listening to traditional songs of the locality where they went in.

Audiences are young travelers, bloody adventure tourism enthusiasts, adventurers. Roads are often chosen as the arc and the rugged mountainous, and coastal roads, crossing the Pass. Crossing the Pass a side of the forest, steep, one side blue sea has left a unique impression for visitors.

Preparing for the bike tour to be very attentive mountain pass: automobile according to carrier routes throughout the travelers on the road can not organize cycling; Group tours must also include a doctor, nurse, motorcycles led the way … As the demand is increasing, the travel agencies are offering plenty of bike tours to choose from. There are many bike tours in other roads Prices will depend on asked to serve, and the length of the tour, the number of guests. However, visitors will feel satisfied because the cost of a bicycle tour is usually lower than the normal tour.

According to Jonny, the expert design of a company tour tourism organizations shall, bike tours often choose the same street culture marked by history, as family shrines, temples, monuments to serve guests … Also, avoid crowded highway to avoid traffic accidents, the priority of the route is steep and beautiful, tree-lined village streets, across the fields, green trees gardens laden. The main roads through the beautiful, bold culture that new visitors have access to many indigenous people, can stop you like to learn, participate in productive labor with people, and things this leaves their hearts good impression on the land they have gone through.

Each Trip Is An Experience

  • The passion of those who play car, enthusiast bike riders travel is unfailing. Every trip, every stop to give you the new experience. Motorcycles often focus distance, distance, destination. The bicycle also selects the streets mainly rural to experience. Mark said: “In times of rice shirt money life is always busy like this when we go around the city on bikes watching, will find life very different.
  • A strange feeling when crossing rough stretches in rural areas are conquering the slopes during intense summer sun, feel themselves be overcome themselves when the top of the hill and glided relaxing sleep under a tree … “. As for Mark, “travel” more bicycles more meaningful when your trip is associated with volunteering trip. The trip to the orphanage, children with disabilities, the elderly helped Mark to understand more about life, sympathetic with the unfortunate fate.

Love To Bike

Traveling by bicycle

  • “Traveling by bicycle is also strange to hear because nobody crazy that carries iron horse Kot stuck with the dream to travel and explore both. But I liked it, traveling lightly and neatly, biking, sightseeing, like, stop, pull over to the side of the car era and spoiled press machine, but jumped into the car and darting, lightweight gentle “, which is why many young people choose the bicycle as a companion for visits to wander, explore around.
  • Like wandering, exploring, adventurous, like the dusty trip … is the common point of brothers “traveling”. With visits to “traveling” long road, the motorcycle is a vehicle for popular and most convenient. However, there are young people like to experience, explore on the “iron horse” by new sensations that it brings. Biking slowly to perceive everything around, feel the time pass … Given the increasing fuel prices high, romantic cycling and protect the environment, exercise is always possible that also save costs, “Mark said.

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