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Get the Shapely New Babe Body that Guys Go Crazy for

Get the Shapely New Babe Body that Guys Go Crazy for

Forget to starve yourself to wisdom or pumping serious poundage to get a rock-solid body. The female physique guys are crazy for is a modern version of the classic hourglass figure: curvy, well-rounded, with some slightly soft spots he’s dying to caress. Make it yours with these moves.

Breathe a sigh of relief. According to a recent university survey of the female figure men find most attractive, guys are totally smitten with a shapely but firm body, not the stick-thin supermodel type. Cosmo has designed a special Voluptuous Vixen workout to help you get well-rounded right away. The secret to getting the sexy silhouette is to “round out” your muscles by working each one from two different directions so they grow in width and length, explains our consultant, Josh Zitomer, fitness training manager of New York Sports Clubs. Do this routine three times a week and you’ll see results in just one month. FYI: Limit cardio or you’ll burn too much fat; do 100 crunches to whittle your waist.

1 Butt Boosters

Stand with feet hip-width apart and toes pointed out slightly, arms at your sides. Squat until you’re in a seated position while raising your arms until they’re straight out in front of you. Squeeze your butt to return to a standing position, lowering your arms. Do 12 times. Now place your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and squat as before. Do 12 times.

2 Hip Shapers

Start with hands and knees on the floor, then lift your left leg out to the side with your knee at a right angle. Lower your knee until it brushes the floor, then kick it toward the rear, squeezing your butt tightly and keeping your knee bent. Lower leg, repeat 30 times; then do series with right leg.

3 Rump Raises

Remain in the same position as above but extend your right leg behind you, foot flexed. Lift your leg until it’s just above your hips, and lower. Do 15 times. Now, move your extended leg outward at a 45-degree angle. Lift it just above your hips, then lower. Do 15 times; repeat series with left leg.

4 Perky-Breast Presses

Get into push-up position with hands wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your back as straight as a board and do 12 push-ups. Now, place your hands shoulder-width apart and do 12 more push-ups.

5 Shoulder Strengtheners

Stand with knees bent, holding five-pound dumbbells. Raise arms out to sides and lower 12 times. Next, lean torso forward, rotate palms forward, raise arms out to sides (see photo b) and lower 12 times.

6 Bicep Builders

Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent and arms hanging at your sides as you hold the dumbbells. Now, turn your palms so they’re facing forward. Bend your elbows to curl the weights up to your shoulders, then lower; do 12 times. Now rotate your palms so they’re facing each other and do another 12 curls.

7 Triceps Toners

Stand with feet hip-width apart and lean forward, keeping your back straight. Holding your weights, tuck your elbows into your sides so your forearms hang down, then turn your palms inward so they’re facing each other–this is your starting position. Now straighten both arms behind you, squeezing your triceps, then lower; do 12 times. Repeat the exercise with palms facing up 12 times.

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